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On Top Of Moon Mountain Has a New Page

On Top Of Moon Mountain Has a New Page

November 17, 2014 @ 9:18 am
by Marilynn J. Harris
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On Top Of Moon Mountain by Marilynn J. Harris. Book 1 in the 3 book Idaho adventure series

We have added a page for On Top Of Moon Mountain to our website.

You can see it here. ON TOP OF MOON MOUNTAIN: (The Moon Mountain Series Book 1)

Fourteen-year-old Will and his younger brother, Clay, have everything teenage boys could ask for: loving parents, close friends, a beautiful house complete with game room and home theater, even a brand new Mini Cooper just waiting for Will to get his driver’s license. Moon Mountain, the family’s remote, custom-built cabin gives them a place to escape and simply enjoy each other’s company and count the stars.
But as Will revels in his abundant blessings, he starts to notice signs of the crumbling economy: a single mother holding a sign in the street, asking for money; friends losing their home in foreclosure as they frantically grab whatever possessions they can before the doors are padlocked. Will never dreams that his own family will be affected, and his parents shield him and Clay for as long as they can. When their father’s computer-components company collapses, the family travels to Moon Mountain for safety. Within months, both parents are dead, a mudslide has destroyed the only road up the mountain, and Will and Clay are left to cope with their shattered lives, trapped in an isolated dream house that has become their prison.
The boys struggle against paralyzing snowstorms, wild animals, and loneliness. They continually grieve the wrenching loss of their parents and former life in this harrowing story of what the country’s economic woes mean for one close, loving, Christian family.

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